" People always accuse me of being motivational in a way, like it was a bad thing, but that's just how I was raised. My mom raised me in a positive environment, with lots of love in my heart, and that reflects in my music. "
- Lenny Kravitz
" Museums are managers of consciousness. They give us an interpretation of history, of how to view the world and locate ourselves in it. They are, if you want to put it in positive terms, great educational institutions. If you want to put it in negative terms, they are propaganda machines. "
- Hans Haacke
" The thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I see it, is service to a fellow human being. "
- Lech Walesa
" It's your outlook on life that counts. If you take yourself lightly and don't take yourself too seriously, pretty soon you can find the humor in our everyday lives. And sometimes it can be a lifesaver. "
- Betty White
" Women of worth are those who want positive change for themselves, their families, community or society, which I think is important. For me, a woman of worth is someone who has self -espect, who believes that she can change things in society. "
- Sonam Kapoor
" Faith Words aren't just mere positive affirmations; they open your life up to the supernatural power of God. "
- Bo Sanchez
" I try to do the right thing. If you do what you know is right, and you're a good person, you might not win short-term all the time, and financial gains might not be there all the time, but ultimately, you can be pretty happy, and you can do some pretty good things in the world. Keep a positive outlook. "
- Gunnar Peterson
" Good is positive. Evil is merely privative, not absolute: it is like cold, which is the privation of heat. All evil is so much death or nonentity. Benevolence is absolute and real. So much benevolence as a man hath, so much life hath he. "
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
" You need to be able to manage stress because hard times will come, and a positive outlook is what gets you through. "
- Marie Osmond
" If you have an ongoing relationship with a person, think of everything positive about that person that you possibly can and enter your interaction from that space. Ignore all the crap that used to drive you up the wall before. You will be amazed at what a change this attitude shift brings about. "
- Srikumar Rao
" Your Heavenly Father will help you find the right path as you seek His guidance. Remember though, after you pray you must get off your knees and start doing something positive; head in the right direction! He will send people along the way who will assist you, but you must be doing your part as well. "
- Margaret D. Nadauld
" If I can be a positive Arab figure on such a large platform such as the WWE, and become some sort of an inspiration to an Arab kid in Lebanon, Egypt, or Jordan, then that's amazing. "
- Sami Zayn
" I realize I will always be the poster child for police brutality, but I can try to use that as a positive force for healing and restraint. "
- Rodney King
" Negative or positive attention - I think it's all great. "
- Jeffree Star
" My style motto is pretty classic: you give off a positive energy when you wear what you're most comfortable in. "
- Petra Collins
" It's always more interesting to take on someone that's going to have hidden sides or a fatal flaw, because there's going to be more to play with - more conflict, internally or in and around them - but it's probably the thing of finding the positive in there. "
- Aidan Gillen
" I am not embarrassed to tell you that I believe in miracles. "
- Corazon Aquino
" The greatest gift of all time is that you can make creation infectious because people spend less time being negative... If you log all the time with negativity in the while world, I wonder how much better the world would be if people sat down and did something positive. It spirals. "
- Skrillex
" People understand my message is positive, and at the end of the day, I'm just here to make music that I enjoy and that other people enjoy. I think that's why I have such a loyal fan base. "
- Lil Peep
" I live to leave somebody with a positive experience when they've met me, and make someone smile for the day. "
- Dolph Ziggler
" I'm confident that the commitment of the co-chairs of the Ferguson Commission - along with the work of other local leaders and the Missouri General Assembly - will have a very positive impact as this community works to move forward. "
- Roy Blunt
" Helping people boost themselves out of poverty is the best way to make a lasting positive difference in a person's life. "
- Naveen Jain
" I am delighted with the strong vote I have received. My message of positive leadership, patriotism and commitment clearly was resonating with tens of thousands of ordinary Irish people. "
- Michael D. Higgins
" Resist your fear; fear will never lead to you a positive end. Go for your faith and what you believe. "
- T. D. Jakes
" I try to put a positive spin on things. "
- Krysten Ritter
" If you don't like me, if you like me; both are equally cool. I send love and positive energy to all those people in their lives. I hope they find where they're meant to be. "
- Willow Smith
" For most Americans, Friday afternoons are filled with positive anticipation of the weekend. In Washington, it's where government officials dump stories they want to bury. Good news gets dropped on Monday so bureaucrats can talk about it all week. "
- John Sununu
" All one needs to do is read - books, magazines, research the Internet - and pay attention to the influencers in their lives to discover the myriad people of strong moral character who have and still are making positive, meaningful contributions and differences in our world. "
- Zig Ziglar
" I have certain things that I stand for, certain things that I believe in, and if you don't like it and you tell me to go to hell, I think that's your God-given right as a fan. It's one of those deals where I'm that one guy who is outside of that realm of good guy, bad guy. I'm just me, and it elicits a response both positive and negative. "
- John Cena
" Coming together should be considered something positive for people and communities. When thoughts come together, that can be more positive than an individual thought. "
- Amitabh Bachchan