" My observation is that women are merely waiting for their husbands to assume leadership. "
- James Dobson
" I'd like to see where boys and girls end up if they get equal encouragement - I think we might have some differences in how leadership is done. "
- Sheryl Sandberg
" I would assert that highly effective leaders are made more than they're born. Every leader I know who's been highly effective has worked hard at it, and they've been students of it. The more you're a student of leadership, the more you figure out what works for you and the more effective you're going to be. "
- Douglas Conant
" In any case, decisions on troop levels in the American system of government are not made by any general or set of generals but by the civilian leadership of the war effort. "
- Bill Kristol
" A leadership culture is one where everyone thinks like an owner, a CEO or a managing director. It's one where everyone is entrepreneurial and proactive. "
- Robin S. Sharma
" You need a commitment which is long term and a commitment to leadership, because that's the only way you build excellence. "
- Azim Premji
" I think the country requires fresh leadership. I do not think I can be the captain to take the country to its next destination. "
- David Cameron
" Leadership is an ever-evolving position. "
- Mike Krzyzewski
" My height doesn't define my skill set. To be a great quarterback, you have to have great leadership, great attention to detail and a relentless competitive nature - and I try to bring that on a daily basis. "
- Russell Wilson
" If you have small-government, traditional values, you may be considered by your own leadership to be an enemy of the state. "
- Monica Crowley
" There is a sense of call to take leadership roles. You're serving people and submitting to God as best you can. "
- Richard Foster
" Instead of starting a new nuclear arms race, now is the time to reclaim our Nation's position of leadership on nuclear nonproliferation efforts. "
- Dianne Feinstein
" I am delighted with the strong vote I have received. My message of positive leadership, patriotism and commitment clearly was resonating with tens of thousands of ordinary Irish people. "
- Michael D. Higgins
" As I've progressed in my career, I've come to appreciate - and really value - the other attributes that define a company's success beyond the P&L: great leadership, long-term financial strength, ethical business practices, evolving business strategies, sound governance, powerful brands, values-based decision-making. "
- Ursula Burns
" The only safe ship in a storm is leadership. "
- Faye Wattleton
" The world is yearning for strong leadership and moral clarity; someone who knows the difference between good and bad. "
- Isaac Herzog
" The topic of leadership is a touchy one. A lot of leaders fail because they don't have the bravery to touch that nerve or strike that chord. Throughout my years, I haven't had that fear. "
- Kobe Bryant
" It's very important in a leadership role not to place your ego at the foreground and not to judge everything in relationship to how your ego is fed. "
- Ruth J. Simmons
" I don't think leadership demands 'yes' or 'no' answers; I think leadership is providing the forum for making the right decision, which doesn't demand unanimity. "
- Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr.
" In a world of complex threats, our security and leadership depends on all elements of our power - including strong and principled diplomacy. "
- Barack Obama
" The world has lost faith in American leadership, and the threats are mounting. "
- Michael T. Flynn
" We are at a point in our nation's history when the right leadership is needed more than ever. Hillary has spent her life advocating for poor and working class families. Hillary will help build an economy for tomorrow and beyond; strengthen America's families; defend our country and its core values; and revitalize our democracy. "
- Marcia Fudge
" I want to see a player on the football field. I want to see what kind of teammate they are, what kind of leadership qualities they have. I want to see how aggressive they are, how much fun they have playing the game. "
- Roy Clark
" We are looking for a set of personal characteristics that predict success, the first and foremost of which is perseverance in the face of challenges. We also look for the ability to influence and motivate others who share your values, strong problem-solving ability, and leadership. "
- Wendy Kopp
" Leadership is working with goals and vision; management is working with objectives. "
- Russel Honore
" Leadership is not a basket of tricks or strategies or skills that you pull out. Leadership begins with the quality of the person. "
- Frances Hesselbein
" Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those who would be affected by it. "
- Marian Anderson
" A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason. "
- J. P. Morgan
" I think the way to maximize not just your leadership but your ability to influence your team is whatever you can do that helps the team perform at a really high level. "
- Andrew Whitworth
" You have to lead people gently toward what they already know is right. "
- Phil Crosby