" You can do one of two things. You can bury you head in the sand and believe what everyone tells you - that you will always be that young, that thin and that fabulous. Or you can use all the things you have - talent, contacts, knowledge - and do something different. "
- Cat Deeley
" Knowledge is the parent of knowledge. He who possesses most of the information of his age will not quietly submit to neglect its current acquisitions, but will go on improving as long as means and opportunities offer; while he who finds himself ignorant of most things, is only too apt to shrink from a labour which becomes Herculean. "
- James Fenimore Cooper
" Information is not knowledge, and knowledge is not wisdom. Reading - even browsing - an old book can yield sustenance denied by a database search. Patience is a virtue, gluttony a sin. "
- James Gleick
" An image of the Earth, its landscapes, directly affects people. The beauty of the Earth creates enormous emotion, and through that emotion, you can transmit knowledge and raise consciousness. "
- Yann Arthus-Bertrand
" Imparting knowledge is only lighting other men's candles at our lamp without depriving ourselves of any flame. "
- Jane Porter
" We've all lived through something horrific, but the strength and beauty and knowledge that we're going to win eventually is what keeps me going. "
- David Hogg
" Knowledge born of the finest discrimination takes us to the farthest shore. It is intuitive, omniscient, and beyond all divisions of time and space. "
- Patanjali
" The most valuable wealth of a man is his knowledge, which cannot be destroyed; all other riches that he has gained are not considered to be wealth at all. "
- Thiruvalluvar
" We live on an island surrounded by a sea of ignorance. As our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance. "
- John Archibald Wheeler
" To be conscious that you are ignorant of the facts is a great step to knowledge. "
- Benjamin Disraeli
" The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge. "
- Albert Einstein
" It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge. "
- Enrico Fermi
" Property may be destroyed and money may lose its purchasing power; but, character, health, knowledge and good judgement will always be in demand under all conditions. "
- Roger Babson
" If in preaching the gospel you substitute your knowledge of the way of salvation for confidence in the power of the gospel, you hinder people from getting to reality. "
- Oswald Chambers
" After the Berlin Wall came down I visited that city and I will never forget it. The abandoned checkpoints. The sense of excitement about the future. The knowledge that a great continent was coming together. Healing those wounds of our history is the central story of the European Union. "
- David Cameron
" Technology is so much fun but we can drown in our technology. The fog of information can drive out knowledge. "
- Daniel J. Boorstin
" Youth is the period in which a man can be hopeless. The end of every episode is the end of the world. But the power of hoping through everything, the knowledge that the soul survives its adventures, that great inspiration comes to the middle-aged. "
- Gilbert K. Chesterton
" Humility and knowledge in poor clothes excel pride and ignorance in costly attire. "
- William Penn
" New knowledge is the most valuable commodity on earth. The more truth we have to work with, the richer we become. "
- Kurt Vonnegut
" If the Chinese will not learn the true principles of government, all else will be useless. Knowledge is power, and although a country may be weak, still, if it possess but a modicum of knowledge, the enemy will not be able to completely overthrow it; although that country may be in danger, the race will not be extirpated. "
- Zhang Zhidong
" Wonder is the desire for knowledge. "
- Thomas Aquinas
" The research I have been doing - studying how foodstuffs yield energy in living cells - does not lead to the kind of knowledge that can be expected to give immediate practical benefits to mankind. If I have chosen this field of study, it was because I believed in its importance in spite of its theoretical character. "
- Hans Adolf Krebs
" I want to be safe in the knowledge that I can tour and play festivals for a long time. The main thing is that I want a good reputation as a live performer. If I have that, I'd be so happy. "
- Ellie Goulding
" Academics lack perspective. In a debate on whether the world is round, they would argue, 'No,' because it's an oblate spheroid. They suffer from 'the curse of knowledge': the inability to imagine what it's like not to know something that they know. "
- Steven Pinker
" You will always have partial points of view, and you'll always have the story behind the story that hasn't come out yet. And any form of journalism you're involved with is going to be up against a biased viewpoint and partial knowledge. "
- Margaret Atwood
" Our great power does not mean we can do whatever we want whenever we want, nor should we assume we have all the wisdom and knowledge necessary to succeed. "
- John McCain
" I want to learn about a different religion. I grew up Catholic, but my grandfather was Jewish. Knowledge about other religions can help you understand your own better. I think it's kind of hypocritical to believe one thing and don't know about any others. "
- Mandy Moore
" In garden arrangement, as in all other kinds of decorative work, one has not only to acquire a knowledge of what to do, but also to gain some wisdom in perceiving what it is well to let alone. "
- Gertrude Jekyll
" To express the same idea in still another way, I think that human knowledge is essentially active. "
- Jean Piaget
" If you know your life chances are greatly reduced, should you be in a position to take out life insurance if that knowledge is not available to the insurers? "
- David Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury of Turville